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CleanSwitch Integration

Contact-free switch for integration into switch systems for convenient activation of entrances

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CleanSwitch's visually appealing, straightforward design can be adapted in a whole range of ways to suit customers' preferences. It takes just a few seconds to change the colour, level of brightness and mode of the optical feedback – without tools. Not only that, but Bircher also supplies a wide selection of pictograms that can be printed onto the front of the device to make it even more userfriendly. Customised pictograms and logos can also be applied on request.


Thanks to its coordinated design, CleanSwitch can be integrated seamlessly into the cover frame of the switch system as an insert. In this way, CleanSwitch helps to ensure harmonised interior design and provides a further design highlight that can be used in modern architecture. The detector module is particularly quick and easy to install and the device settings can be configured without the need for tools.

  Integration for Feller EDIZIOdue

 Integration for Jung AS 500

   Integration for Hager kallysto.line IS.1

 Integration for Gira Standard 55

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